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Welcome to NeKaMo Camp

Who we are…

NeKaMo Camp Inc. is a non-denominational Christian camp serving youth going into second through twelfth grade.  NeKaMo Camp for boys is located near Mound City, Kansas and NeKaMo Camp for girls is located near Warsaw, Missouri.  

Since 1965, generational staff have maintained the same philosophy, mission, vision, and values of our founders.   Many of our staff and board members were also once campers at NeKaMo Camp.  When you send your child to NeKaMo Camp, you can have confidence that this year’s program will be the result of nearly six decades of successful Christian camping for youth.

NeKaMo Camp is a member of the national Association of Cedarbrook Camps where spiritual formation, relationships, community, skill-building, individual development, and creation are valued.

Camp provides a unique setting… 

The NeKaMo Camp mission is to faithfully present the gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide unique opportunities for spiritual and personal growth for campers and staff in order to equip them to serve Christ and glorify His name.

Campers address staff by their ‘bird-name’, a fun tradition providing a simple way to maintain respect in a casual atmosphere. The current girls camp director, for example, goes by ‘Kiskadee’.

Summer Camp for Girls & Boys

Girls Camp

Boys Camp

***DIFFERENT LOCATION for Boys Camp than Girls Camp.***

Partner with NeKaMo Camp

We understand that not everyone is well suited to be a counselor in a cabin; but your gifts of time, talent, cash, gifts in kind, reading our newsletters and praying, do make a difference.  Ask God to help you know how you can join with us.  

Your financial donations are appreciated and have helped sustain our small camp since 1965.  You are an encouragement to our volunteer board of directors and volunteer staff.

NeKaMo Camp Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity.  EIN # 48-0898155   We are pleased to provide a receipt of your tax deductible donations.